About Dietifi

The Story:

As a kid, I grew up confused about a lot of things. How? Imagine the confusion of a kid when your mom suddenly stopped using seasonings, you can no longer find meat being served in the church potlucks, and the fridge seemed to be missing items such as sweets and dairy products.

You see, I was constantly surrounded by healthcare information (parents had a lot of health books ) and was taught health principles that I always took for granted. 

Now? I feel indebted as I realized that a lot of people suffer lifestyle diseases without even a basic understanding of how they got it and how to prevent and even reverse it.

That’s why the website Dietifi was created in response to the increasing need of a holistic vision of health. 

– is what I would like to say as the main reason I created the website but that would be lying. The other reason actually is I was looking for a way to earn income as a broke college student and starting a blog with healthcare as the main topic seemed to be an appropriate investment.

If you’re wondering how this website supports me financially, you can check out the Disclaimer Page.

Aims and Values

Dietifi aims to share healthcare information to try to make sense out of confusing and many times contradictory health trends. Also, to try and understand why today’s breakthroughs and trends often become tomorrow’s embarrassments.